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Come to Daddy (2020)

Watch Come to Daddy 2020 vkflix free online movie on mobile 720p 4k quality. Norval Greenwood is a spoiled hipster from Beverly Hills. Raised by his mother, he never met his father. But one day he receives a letter from this very person, an invitation to visit him in his house on the beach somewhere at the end of the world. But the long-awaited reunion is developing differently than expected. Somehow Norval doesn’t seem to be welcome, and the cranky host doesn’t seem particularly taken with his offspring. The tensions increase until they finally escalate completely and a chaotic chain of strange events is released. Watch more Vkflix Horror Free online streaming in HD cinema quality.

Views: 28

Genre: 2020 MoviesComedyHorrorThriller

Duration: 93 min

IMDb: 6.6